Unique Doggie ‘Dos on the ‘Gram

Thursday, March 18, 2021 11:53:50 AM America/Los_Angeles

For some dog paw-rents, a cute outfit isn’t sufficient for unleashing their pup’s full fashion potential. Whether these dogs are simply heading out for a walk or hitting the town, their humans have made sure they’re ready for whatever the day brings. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite unique doggie ‘dos!

Photo by @doggystylinguk

We’re loving the looks coming out of @doggystylinguk! They use temporary, safe, and non-toxic dyes to give your pups’ looks a boost. Just enough to add some flair without sacrificing your dog’s natural good looks.


Photo by @doggystylinguk

Ombre hair isn’t just for humans! Another fabulous style from @doggystylinguk, this dye job adds a festive touch best shown off at only the most happening dog parks.


Photo by @poshpett

This posh pooch is ready for some tea! We bet she won’t settle for anything less than the finest: high end treats, luxurious bedding, real bark dog bathrooms, and all.   


Photo by @prinz_mio_13

Prinz Mio looks ready to hit the town! If this inspires you to go and paint the town red with your pup, be sure to have a harness to keep your dog comfy and secure. 

If you and your dog prefer more low key looks, we’ve got some equally unique but all natural styles for you to check out. 


Photo by @the.dreadlock.dog

Tokay, a Hungarian Puli, is known for--you guessed it--his dreadlocks. Hungarian Pulis are often seen sporting this look as their tight curls dread naturally. Check out his Instagram account to see his locks in action! 


Photo by @louis.the.cockerspaniel

Bangs aren’t for everybody, but we think Louis looks pretty dashing in them. Louis is a Cockerspaniel, who by the looks of it enjoys outdoor excursions with his human. If your dog loves to travel too, try taking a pet potty like Bark Potty with you to provide a convenient pet potty in between outdoor jaunts. 


Photo by @legolas_the_afghanhound

This chic canine is Legolas, an Afghan Hound. While this picture shows him enjoying the outdoors, many depict him lounging casually indoors. And we don’t blame him. If we had locks like that, we’d want to keep them nice and clean too!

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