What You Need to Know About Doggie Co-Parenting

Friday, September 3, 2021 14:50:37 PM America/Los_Angeles

Chances are, you’re thinking about doggie co-parenting because of a difficult transition. Whether it’s a break up or a temporary relocation, the idea of having your pup split time between homes can seem overwhelming. Doggie co-parenting can involve a lot of work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be ruff for your fur baby! Read on to learn a couple tips and suggestions for making the transition a little bit easier for you and your pup. 

Photo by Richard Brutyo

Things to keep in mind:

  • Canines are creatures of habit: Co-parenting inevitably means changes, but sticking to your dog’s routine as much as possible will be critical for helping your pup ease into their new lifestyle. Communicate any adjustments to potty, feeding, or training times with whoever you’re co-parenting with. 
  • Keep training consistent: Co-parenting during training can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Keeping the same trainer is incredibly helpful, but when that’s not an option ask your current trainer about how you can help maintain a training schedule that works for both you and your dog. 
  • Rethink getting things in doubles: One perk of having two homes is having two of everything! But that doesn’t mean you should immediately rush out and get things in doubles. Having things like favorite treats and bed switch hands isn’t a bad idea. Dog beds have a lot of familiar and comforting smells, so that’s one belonging you may want whoever is going to a new place to take with them. And frequent changes in diet -- especially when stressed -- can spell tummy trouble. Continue feeding the same diet, treats included, until you know your dog has settled into their new routine. 

What you’ll need:

  • Accessories for car travel: Co-parenting means a lot of back and forth for your pup! Ensuring that your car is protected and that your dog is comfy will make it an easier ride! 
  • Pee pads: It’s important that potty habits are accommodated at each home. If your dog uses an indoor dog bathroom at one place, they should do the same at the other. This holds even more true if your fur baby is still going through the potty training process. Having a subscription to a real bark pee pad can help make this a breeze!
  • Pet insurance: If a difficult life change has caused the need to co-parent your fur baby, having pet insurance could help make co-parenting a smoother process. Pet insurance can relieve any worries about financing an expensive procedure or unexpected emergency -- and help avoid any conflict about who’s paying for what. 
Co-parenting is something that everyone will need time to adjust to. But as long as you can keep some semblance of routine and your fur baby knows that they are loved and cared for, doggie co-parenting is possible!
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