Why Is My Dog's Nose Wet? Why Is My Dog's Nose Dry?

Monday, August 26, 2019 14:38:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

A lot of dog owners think that a dog's nose is supposed to be wet. Often times, vets will get calls from worried pet parent's inquiring about a cold or dry nose. However, it turns out that it is actually completely normal for your dog to have a dry nose! If you pay close attention, you'll likely notice your dog's nose changing from both wet and dry throughout the day!


So Why Does My Dog Have A Wet Nose?

1) Your Dog Is Using Their Sense Of Smell.
Your dog's nose develops a layer of mucus when they are following a specific scent. This moisture allows your pup to absorb the scent, thus enhancing their sense of smell. To follow, your dog will then lick the mucus off of their nose in order to transfer the scent chemicals into their mouth, which allows them to better identify what they're sniffing! If you notice your dog's nose become particularly wet when they are around their Bark Potty this is a good thing! It means they are attracted to the natural smells of the real bark and want to savor every last delicious sniff!
2) Your Pup Is Trying To Cool Off
Dogs sweat through their paws and nose! On a hot day, you will notice your dog not only panting to keep cool, but also sweating from their paws and nose.
3) It Could Be The Breed
Some dog breeds do tend to have wetter noses than others by nature!

Why Does My Dog Have A Dry Nose?

1) Your Pup Just Woke Up!
If your dog's nose is dry when they first wake up, this isn't cause for concern! A dry nose in the morning can be due to the natural drop in body temperature, as well as the fact that they are not licking it while asleep.
2) Your Dog Is Getting Older.
Older dogs, especially ones with low activity level, may develop dryer noses. This is perfectly normal in most cases and isn't cause for concern.
3) They Could Be Dehydrated.
Make sure you always have a full bowl of water readily available to your dog. If you notice their nose is especially dry, and they are panting or lethargic, it could be one of the signs a dog is dehydrated and you should contact your vet.
4) It's Too Sunny Or It's Too Chilly.
A dog's nose is the most common place to burn from the sun. Just like human sunburns, if your dog nose catches too many rays, their nose may become dry and cracked. Your dogs nose can also become dry and cracked in the winter. If the weather is dry, your dog's nose may become dry as well. It is important to keep your dog inside during extreme weather conditions. Do not let your dog outside in freezing temperatures as this can lead to more than just a dry nose. Additionally, if the sun is blistering hot, you should not let your dog hang out outside. Make sure you have an indoor dog potty handy for these situations. It's better to keep your dog sheltered from extreme heat and cold by using Bark Potty. "