Your Dog Should Have His Own Area

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 10:10:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

It can be stressful teaching your dog how to use an indoor potty patch. Not only are you left with a mess until he finally figures out where he’s supposed to relieve himself, but you have to worry about smells and a mess to clean up, right? Wrong! At Bark Potty, we believe that a potty patch for dogs shouldn’t smell and it should leave your home just as nice as it was before the Bark Potty arrived. Because of this, we’ve made this potty patch for dogs out of all natural materials that smell like the outdoors and created a design that keeps your dogs business in place without the possibility of leaks or spills. If you’re interested in the Bark Potty but you have no idea how you’re going to train your pup to use it, catch up by learning how staying consistent and clear in your verbal and physical cues can help. Continue reading to learn more ways to train your dog to use an indoor potty patch.

Choose An Area

Keep the consistency in check by placing the potty patch for dogs in the same place every time it’s changed out for a new one. Doing this will keep your dog aware of what area he is allowed to relieve himself, and once he’s trained, this place will be his saving grace. However, when you do choose an area for the potty patch, we recommend you place it on vinyl or hardwood flooring. When your dog is just starting to use the potty patch, he may end up missing his target. Choose an area that is easy to clean up if your dog misses the potty patch the first few times. We hope these last two tips we’ve shared has helped you train your pup to do his business on the potty patch for dogs from Bark Potty. Stay tuned for more great tips on how to further train your dog.