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  • All About the Winterberry

    Ilex verticillata, better known as the American winterberry, is a vibrant holly that dots snowy landscapes and adorns festive wreaths during the colder months. This common winter plant is often overlooked, as majestic pines take center stage during the holiday season. But did you know that the winterberry has important cultural as well as medicinal functions?
  • 4 Reasons Dogs Get Watery Eyes

    All dogs can get a little teary-eyed every now and then. And no, we don’t mean the kind of tears you get after watching a sad movie. Canines typically get watery eyes when dealing with a health concern such as allergies, but some dogs are simply more prone to chronic excessive teariness. Below are the four most common reasons that our furry friends can get watery eyes. 
  • The Importance of Dental Care for Dogs

    Dental care is touted by vets as one of the most important pillars of doggie healthcare. After all, our canine companions aren’t able to brush or floss on their own, so it’s up to dog pawrents to take up the task. But how critical is it to your pup’s well-being? Read on to find out more about what dental care entails and if it’s actually really necessary for dogs. 
  • What's Your Dog's Tail Telling You?

    A pup’s wagging tail is an expected greeting for dog pawrents everywhere, followed by other signs of excitement and joy. But did you know that tail wagging communicates a variety of emotions ranging from happiness to aggression? 
  • How to Tell If Your Dog Has Hair or Fur

    Dogs with hair have gained popularity as a hypoallergenic option for would-be pet pawrents who may be allergic to fur but remain devoted to living with a canine companion. But how can you tell if a dog breed actually has fur or hair?
  • Is a Raw Diet Really Better for Dogs?

    Dog pawrents have likely heard that feeding a raw diet is the best you can feed your dog. But is a raw diet actually better for your furry one? Every dog is unique and has individual needs that a raw diet may or may not complement. Read on to learn more about what a raw diet is and whether or not it might actually work for your canine companion. 
  • Recycling Tips That Actually Make a Difference

    If we get creative about recycling, it can offer immediate results that not only lead to impactful change but also feel gratifying as it begins to serve a purpose in our own lives. 
  • 3 Subtle Signs That Your Dog Trusts You

    Dogs are famously known for their undying loyalty and devoted companionship. But our canine friends aren’t blindly loyal. This trust develops over time as we care for our fur babies by offering regular meals, going on walks, and showering them with love and affection. 
  • The 5 Senses and Their Role in Dog Training

    Did you know that training often requires our canine companions to utilize multiple senses? The five senses – sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing – all play an important part in the training process, as dogs learn to listen for specific signals, recognize certain cues, identify unique textures, and more!
  • New Year’s Resolutions Your Dog Needs You to Keep

    Every year, dog parents commit to making the coming months a happier, healthier one for their fur babies. Promises to groom more regularly, go on more excursions, spend more time cuddling… the list goes on! Unfortunately, having a wide array of goals can make them more difficult to stick to. Instead, try grouping goals under a common theme, and spend the year ahead focusing on making solid changes to one crucial aspect of your doggo’s life. 
  • 5 Easy Sustainability Goals for the New Year

    The new year is upon us, and it’s time to dream up lofty goals for the coming months. Why not plan some earth-friendly goals in addition to personal ones this year? Sustainability goals not only help the environment, they also help us to live more mindfully. Below are a few ideas to get your started!
  • Dog Horoscopes 2023: Your Dog's Astrological Forecast for the Year Ahead

    Curious what the skies hold for your furry one in 2023? The astrological forecast reveals a year full of surprises – there definitely won’t be any shortage of things to bark about. Check out dog horoscopes for 2023 below to see what life has planned for your pup in the year ahead!