5 Surprise Benefits of Using an Indoor Dog Bathroom

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 10:30:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

It’s no secret that using a pee pad offers a wide variety of benefits. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to potty train, the convenience of scheduled deliveries, or a temporary post-op potty solution, indoor dog bathrooms have an array of advantages to accommodate your dog’s short-term and long-term needs. Read on to find out some surprising benefits of using a wee wee pad and how they can make life easier for both you and your furball. 

Photo by Alexandru Sofronie

Offers a Variety of Options

The pet potty experience is entirely customizable, which means that it’ll be that much easier to get your doggo used to the idea of using one. Options range from traditional plastic pee pads to indoor dog bathrooms made from natural, dog-friendly materials like grass and bark. Natural pads work with your fur baby’s instincts by using textures and smells that our canine companions are naturally drawn to. 

One of the best things about pee pads is that you can usually subscribe to them so that they’re ready to go when your dog is. Whether you stock up or order them one by one, pee pads offer a convenience that is unmatched. 

Keeps Paws So Fresh and So Clean

Keeping paws clean isn’t always just about hygiene. Sanitary practices are also important during recovery from injuries or for young pups who have yet to receive all of their vaccines. Minimizing outdoor time can be critical for those doggos, and an indoor pet potty reduces the likelihood that vulnerable pooches will be affected by parasites, bacteria, and viruses. 

Prepares Your Pup for the Great Outdoors

Potty training is easy breezy when you use a natural pee pad like Bark Potty! It’ll be like second nature to move from indoors to outdoors and vice versa when training with a real bark pet potty. Instead of training on an entirely different material, which can be confusing for pups, having access to bark both outdoors and indoors makes the transitions a tad bit easier. 

Comes in Handy During the Golden Years 

Getting a dog used to wee wee pads early on will come in handy in your doggo’s golden years. Intuitive use of a pee pad can be helpful for both you and your furry one when their memory isn’t what it used to be. Developing the habit in their younger years means less training when it’s too late to teach an old dog new tricks. 

Makes Having a Dog More Earth-friendly

While traditional plastic pee pads may have to go straight to the waste bin, natural pet potties are usually biodegradable or compostable, making them the best option for dog pawrents interested in more sustainable pee pads. Made of eco-friendly materials like grass or bark, natural pads don’t sit in landfills for hundreds of years until they decompose.