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All About English Bulldogs




The English Bulldog is a plucky, playful, and intelligent breed of dog originally bred to bring down bulls in the 1500s. To do their work, English Bullenglish bulldogdogs had to be courageous, intelligent, and spirited. It is all of these qualities that make bulldogs extremely entertaining pets. They are a medium-sized animal with a unique churlish look who have long left their grim work culling bulls for a happier role as a popular breed for the family pet.

Bulldogs Survived Near Extinction

After bull baiting was made illegal, bulldog breeding programs stopped. The cessation was halted when dog fanciers began breeding them to have a more pleasant demeanor. Now liberated from both their brutal work and their bullish personalities- the bulldog was ready to take its place in our hearts as the charming and canny animals they are.

Bulldogs are Independent

The gladiatorial background of these implacable characters has made them resolute and clever. Bulldogs are less likely to turn to their owners for help and will try to figure out things on their own. This can lead to some mischief, but it also makes them very interesting to live with. You can be sure, your bulldog will not fail to surprise and delight you.

They Have a Unique Attitude about Potty Training

Being so independent, you might have a bit of trouble convincing your Bulldog that the potty pad is the best place to go, as they are prone to go looking for their own potty solution. But you won’t have much trouble training them since they are so intelligent. You may find that your Bulldog will appreciate a specially designated place to go, like the Bark Potty, for his or her housebreaking period. Bark Potty is a special potty solution, because it can replace 60 pee pads and is eco-friendly

Bulldogs Should Take Care in the Water

The Bulldog’s stout body and heavy head make them unstable swimmers. They can more easily roll over and lose contact with the air. For example, boats are long for a reason; it gives them fewer angles of tilt on the water. A Bulldog is more like a bowl, which does not make a good boat design. So while your Bulldog can learn to swim, you should keep a close eye on them when they do.

Bulldog’s Need Help Mating

Because of their unusual body styles, Bulldogs have trouble mating and giving birth. Many breeders prefer to use artificial insemination. Females will also need special care while giving birth owing to the animal’s small birth canal and large head.

The English Love Them

Partly because the breed was invented by the British, but also because of their plucky charm and indefatigable grit. The English Bulldog became the symbol for the resolute island nation during World War II. Likewise, America was likened unto a Pit Bull, and Germany was often represented as a dachshund. Of course, Bulldogs are also easy to identify with since they are so friendly, playful, independent, and team oriented. These traits have made them readily suitable as mascots for sports teams- especially children’s sports teams as they can never get enough rough and rowdy play.

They have Broad Appeal

Since they have both boutique and outdoorsy appeal, the Bulldog is popular with all kinds of people. Hunters, families, city dwellers, the rich and the poor alike all enjoy their very adaptable Bulldog friends.

They can Learn to Ride Skateboards

Alright, Otto- the famous skateboarding Bulldog- who won the hearts of people all around the world when videos of him riding a skateboard went viral might be one of a few Bulldogs who can actively balance on a moving skateboard and even push and maneuver it. But Otto is a great example of the kind of surprises your Bulldog may have in store for you.