Do Dogs Sweat?

Thursday, May 19, 2022 11:23:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

It’s a popular myth that dogs don’t sweat. And it’s true that you’ll never see a doggo dripping in sweat after an enthusiastic play sesh. But that doesn’t mean they don’t sweat at all. Canines may not perspire as much as humans, but they cool down through a variety of ways including sweating, panting, and insulating their bodies with their fur. Wondering what role sweat specifically plays? Read on to find out more about sweating in dogs!

Photo by Linoleum Creative Collective

Do Dogs Sweat?

While dogs may not drip sweat the way humans do, canines do actually sweat. However, because they don’t sweat as much as we do, dogs are more prone to becoming overheated. Despite other cool-down techniques such as panting, our furry friends need our help to regulate their body temperature. Whether it’s playing indoors or using a pee pad on a hot day, every little bit helps dogs maintain a safe body temperature! 

How Do Dogs Sweat?

Quick answer: Dogs produce sweat through glands that are located in their paws. You may have noticed your fur baby’s paws getting a bit damp during a warm day or an anxiety-provoking vet visit. What you’re actually feeling is sweat. 

Sweat cools bodies as perspiration evaporates. But because dogs’s bodies are covered in fur, sweat would only cause wet fur to trap heat rather than release it. So, their sweat glands are on the part of their body that has the last fur–their paw pads. 

How Do I Keep My Dog Cool?

It’s up to dog pawrents to keep pooches cool since their ability to sweat isn’t as efficient as ours. Help your pup regulate their body temperature by:

  • Making cool, fresh water available at all times (including when outdoors)
  • Staying away from hot surfaces like concrete or pavement
  • Using real bark pet potties like Bark Potty
  • Keeping an eye on indoor and outdoor temperatures 
  • Playing indoors during exceptionally hot days 
  • Thinking twice before shaving your dog 

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