Dog Scooting: Causes and Remedies

Wednesday, August 18, 2021 16:30:28 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dog scooting can seem like a silly, harmless behavior that gives us a chuckle, but butt dragging may be no laughing matter. At best, scooting can dirty your floor, and at worst, scooting can signal a larger issue. 

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez

What causes scooting?

Sometimes, figuring out the culprit for scooting is simple. If a dog drags their butt a couple days after visiting the groomer’s but doesn’t seem to have irregular bowel movements or a stinky bottom, they may just be trying to scratch an itch. Other times, it can be more difficult to find what’s making your pup scoot. 

Some causes of scooting are more serious than others, but all require attention and care. The most common causes for dog scooting include: 

  • Clogged anal sacs
  • Dirty butt (either from insufficient grooming or loose stool)
  • Itchiness (either from an allergic reaction or irritation from grooming)
  • Intestinal parasites
  • Damage to anal sacs

How do you stop dogs from scooting?

There’s no universal solution to scooting because causes are specific to each dog. That being said, one of the most common reasons for scooting is due to anal sacs being clogged. Be careful not to express anal sacs unnecessarily, as this can cause trauma to them. Consulting with a vet is always a good idea if you’re uncertain about whether or not your dog is dealing with clogged sacs. 

If your fur baby struggles with clogged anal sacs regularly, providing supplements between vet visits can help keep scooting at bay. NaturVet’s No Scoot Supplements are veterinarian formulated for healthy anal sac and gland functioning. The supplement is made with ingredients such as pumpkin and flax seed for a healthy dose of fiber, which helps encourage regular bowel functioning and diminishes the likelihood of recurrence. 

If irregular bowel movements or intestinal parasites are suspected, having an indoor dog potty is useful for keeping track of your dog’s poop. A pee pad like Bark Potty can also help your dog to go as they need so that they don’t hold it while waiting to be let out. A dog bathroom is always a good idea for any pup who is left alone for periods of time for a healthy and stink-free butt!