Pawfect Places for Autumn Outings With Your Dog

Monday, September 19, 2022 11:03:15 AM America/Los_Angeles

Though the end of summer means shorter days and colder nights, there’s no reason that you and your dog have to stay cooped up. Whether it’s getting ready for Halloween or enjoying the changing seasons, there are plenty of fall options to keep you and your fur baby busy!  

Photo by David Izquierdo

Leaf Peeping Road Trip

Take advantage of the cooler weather to take your pup on a leaf peeping road trip. With the wind blowing in their face and leaves crunching under their paws–leaf peeping is the perfect way to experience new sights and smells in a relaxing environment. Ready to head for the great outdoors? Don’t forget to take a pee pad with you to make sure your dog’s pet potty needs are taken care of!  

Pumpkin Patch

Few things say “fall” quite like a pumpkin patch. A dog-friendly patch can give your pup a chance to make new fur-rends in a setting different from the usual dog park. Let your pooch sniff around and enjoy the various textures and smells that a pumpkin patch has to offer. Plus, you get to snap some cute fall-themed photos and your pup may score some tasty, pumpkin-inspired treats!

Orchards, Farms, and Vineyards 

You might be surprised to find out that some orchards, farms, and vineyards are more than happy to host dogs. Imagine a peaceful afternoon of apple picking or cider tasting with none other than your furry BFF. In addition, many spots may allow you to bring food so that both you and your dog can enjoy some tasty snacks as you picnic together. Just make sure your pup is potty trained before taking them to public places where there’s food and drinks around! 


As one of the most popular fall time traditions around, Oktoberfest celebrations can be found all around the world in early autumn. Whether it’s happening at a canine-friendly brewery or an outdoor location, this fall celebration is a festive way to get in the mood for the colder months. Keep pets on leash in crowded areas so that both you and your dog can enjoy the festivities safely. 

Remember: While fall outings can be a fun way to embrace the cooler months, Halloween can be a scary time for dogs. Check out our tips here to learn more about how to keep your pooch from getting spooked!