Pheromones Demystified! What Are They Really & What Can They Do to Help Potty Train Your Pup?

Friday, March 20, 2020 14:30:00 PM America/Los_Angeles



The word is often tossed around to describe sexual attraction- usually imagined olfactory (or through the sense of smell). It’s the mysterious force that pulls you to that cute guy who always runs on the treadmill across the cardio floor every morning… but what are pheromones really and how can they help me housebreak my new puppy?   

First, let’s understand what pheromones are. To put it in layman's terms, they’re hormones secreted by one animal or organism to affect the behaviors of another animal or organism of the same species. There are many different kinds of pheromones; for example, alarm pheromones trigger the fight or flight response in some animals. Other examples include the releaser and primer pheromones which are hormones released by animals to trigger a change in the behavior of another animal in a variety of different 

ways- whether the hormones are attractants (like the ones released by the cute guy at the gym), mammary (like the ones released by a mother which encourage babies to start breastfeeding), or otherwise.


“Pheromones, sch-meromones, Bark Potty!” You say, “what’s the big deal and what do they have to do with potty training my pup?”


Well, that’s easy. 


When you want your pup to use the right pet potty, whether you want them to go outside in real grass, or inside on Bark Potty, it helps to have them mark their territory in a you-approved dog bathroom. The more they pee in those approved spaces, the more attracted they will be to mark those spaces again to reestablish their territory. 


Pretty simple, right? 


But did you know that marking territory is all about pheromones? Because you pups naturally mark their territory by urinating, always keep an eye on your furbaby to make sure they aren’t “marking” the wrong kind (like those brand new Air Jordans). Stick with natural, eco-friendly options like Bark Potty's indoor potty for dogs when you’re starting out. Your pup will thank you!

Photo by Sara Kurfeß