Potty Training Tips for Busy Pet Pawrents

Friday, December 2, 2022 10:00:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

Potty training is one of the most fundamental and earliest responsibilities that pet pawrents face when starting a life with their newly adopted fur babies. Potty training can be challenging for anyone, but a busy schedule can make it especially complicated. Navigate potty training as a busy dog pawrent with the tips below! 

Photo by Camilo Fierro

Adjust Meal Times

Meal times should be adjusted to accommodate the extra time needed for potty training. Plan to have enough time for feeding, guiding your pup to the potty, and offering plenty of praise and treats before heading out the door. Interrupting a potty sesh isn’t only annoying, it can be incredibly confusing for a pup who’s still learning the ropes. Ensure that there’s plenty of time for meals and focused attention on training without having to rush your pooch. 

Use an Indoor Dog Bathroom

It can be difficult to carve out a large chunk of time to focus on potty training outdoors, especially during the colder months. Using a real bark pee pad like Bark Potty can be the perfect way to train indoors without depriving your pooch of the great outdoors. Plus, a natural wee wee pad has the benefit of transitioning nicely to going potty in outdoor areas with similar materials! 

Wait to Adopt Until You Have Time

A major factor in successful potty training is consistency. Consistency can be hard to maintain if you’re rushing out the door to go to work or school. Try to hold off on adoption until you have a number of days off so that training can be done without the pressure of a busy schedule. Whether that’s during the holidays or summer break, being able to offer consistent support for your doggo is one of the best ways to guarantee potty training success! 

Plan for In-Between Moments

If at all possible, check in with your furry one during a longer work break or plan errands around a midday pitstop at home. This can be especially important for young pups or senior doggos, who will need to go potty more frequently. These dogs may benefit from a dog walker who can visit during the day to walk your pooch or let them out into the yard. Having a consistent routine is a powerful tool when it comes to establishing appropriate potty habits. 

If none of these are realistic options, training on an indoor pet potty from the get-go is a way to ensure that your pooch will have access to a bathroom whenever they need. There’s no denying that potty training is a lot of work, but with some planning and effort, it’s possible for even the busiest dog pawrent!