Good Girl | Good Boy Nose Balm

Has your dog’s nose hit a rough patch? Good Girl | Good Boy’s Dog Nose Balm is a 100% natural and organic solution for dry or irritated snouts. This Canadian company (you might’ve noticed the label is in French) knows a thing or two about the seasonal effects on your dog’s nose and handmakes their nose balm with the finest ingredients, such as kokum butter for maximum reparative moisturization. Their products are certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA. This dog nose moisturizer can help relieve dry or irritated noses for dogs who have allergies or have been exposed to the elements; dried or cracked noses can be easily remedied with nose balm during a harsh winter or after too much time in the sun. Nose balm can also be helpful for our short-snouted heavy-breathing friends, like pugs and Frenchies, who tend to have drier noses.

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