Evolution of Potty Training for Dogs

Friday, June 19, 2020 12:56:00 PM America/Los_Angeles

Dogs have been man's loyal best friends for a very long time. These amazing animals have been kept by humans for centuries for their loyalty, companionship, and service.

Modern science and technology have helped humans better understand dogs, their nature, needs, and how to train them. However, having dogs around wasn't always as easy as it seems today.

While science has kept unraveling amazing facts about these animals down the years, one issue that has always plagued dog owners is the issue of potty training and housebreaking. A dog that isn't housebroken could leave a big mess in your home, and this has proven to be a huge problem for pup owners for a long time.

Potty training products like pee pads have solved this conundrum for dog owners in recent years, but before they were available, dogs were mostly kept outdoors in kennels to keep them from messing up the home.

As dogs started becoming more of indoor pets, dog owners began resorting to newspapers and sheets to teach dogs to use them when they had to go potty, while other dog owners tried teaching their pups to go outside to avoid making a mess in the home.

These still weren't perfect solutions as some dog breeds usually only go outside to play. Teaching them to go outside when they wanted to potty was problematic. Dog owners then began house training their dogs to use the balconies and bathrooms within the home.

With time, dog diapers made their debut on the pet market, and it seemed like the perfect solution had arrived. Just like babies, you could put a diaper on your dog, and its poo wouldn’t mess up the home. However, dog owners began to notice diapers made pups uncomfortable, and they would often rip them off. Training pups to keep their diaper on was yet another problem to solve.

Some people are still facing these issues with their dogs, but lots of pup owners are now turning to indoor potties, like Bark Potty. It's an all in one solution to the dog potty problem as it's indoors, comfortable for your pup, has health benefits, and is low maintenance. Dogs also love it, which makes it a lot easier to train them to use it whenever they have to go.

Check out the infographic below for some more amazing facts about dogs.