Fall Time Dangers for Dogs

Friday, October 21, 2022 11:30:01 AM America/Los_Angeles

When we think of seasonal dangers that might impact our fur babies, we usually think of the extreme weather associated with summer and winter. However, autumn comes with its own set of risks. From Halloween candy to leaf piles, fall-related dangers are real and they’re usually right in our own home.  Luckily, a little precaution should be enough to keep these fall time dangers at bay! 

Photo by Tereza Hošková

Food and Candy 

That bowl of crinkly wrapped candy sitting on top of the coffee table can be pretty enticing for a curious, bored doggo. Unfortunately, popular Halloween candies often contain chocolate – a toxic ingredient for dogs. Candy also contains sugar, which has less serious effects when consumed but is still difficult for canine tummies to digest. So, make sure those candy bowls (and wrappers) are way out of reach. You might also want to keep a wee wee pad or other kind of pet potty stocked just in case your pup has an upset tummy and they end up with irregular bowel movements.  

Halloween Scaries 

Halloween is a fun holiday for all ages, but it can be scary for our furry companions. All those loud noises and masked faces can be overwhelming for any dog. A spooked canine and a distracted owner is the perfect recipe for a runaway dog. Prevent escapes by keeping entryways secure and using an indoor dog bathroom like Bark Potty during Howl-oween festivities. The holiday celebrations may seem like innocent fun to us, but they can be pretty spooky for our furry friends. Read more about helping your pup get through the Halloween scaries here

Leaf Pile Lurkers 

As leaves begin to fall and the sky gets a bit grayer, leaf piles can harbor some yucky pests and mold. Gathered wet leaves get moldy, but they can also be the perfect hiding place for pests like fleas, ticks, and mites. For dogs with allergies, these seemingly benign piles can also send allergens flying when disturbed. While it may be a blast for your pup to run through a leaf pile, prepare for these risks with some pest repellent at the very minimum. 

Cords, Candles, and More

Because the nights get longer in the fall, it’s also the time of the year when we begin to deck out our home with string lights and candles. Decor can help make our humble abodes feel like festive havens, but they can become hazards for our furry ones as well. Keep cords tucked away to prevent tripping and broken bulbs. And lit candles should be placed on unreachable and stable surfaces so that they aren’t easily knocked over. A burned snout or worse is the last thing you want to kick off the fall season!

There are endless reasons to fall in love with autumn, and the falling temperatures make it the perfect time to venture outdoors with your pooch. But just because it’s cooler outside doesn’t mean that there aren’t any dangers. Remaining vigilant as the days get longer is just one more way we can make sure our dogs stay safe and healthy for another season!