The Indoor Dog Potty Approach

Tuesday, June 18, 2019 09:03:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

There are many different options out there that dog owners look for when they have an apartment or have to leave their pup inside while they’re away. An indoor dog potty is what we’re talking about here, and there are many ways you can train your dog to use one if they’re new to it. 

The Indoor Dog Potty Approach

It’s easy to train your dog when they’re little. Well, for the most part it’ll be easy to use these indoor dog potties when your pup is in the beginning stages of potty training. They also make a great permanent solution if you live in an apartment or aren’t home for hours at a time.

Once your dog uses their indoor dog potty successfully, make sure you praise him or her! Praise, praise, praise and more praise is welcomed for a dog that’s successfully used their potty patch. Be enthusiastic and say phrases like “good boy!” to reinforce that they did good.

If your dog wasn’t successful the first time, be sure to lay off the yelling and take him or her back to the patch. You don’t want to instill fear to your pup, because it’ll make him or her think that the potty patch is scary. 

Make sure you’re sticking to a schedule. Many dogs have to go potty at least twice during the day, if not a little more or less, depending on how much they eat or drink throughout the day. Make sure you bring them to their patch regularly and ask them to go potty. This idea is to get into a potty schedule, so your dog has less and less accidents.

Take regular trips! Regular trips to the potty pad every few hours and waiting for your dog to do their business can help them realize that this is where he or she is supposed to “go.” This is when you’ll need patience. The best time to bring your dog to their potty patch is after they’ve been playing for a while, after eating or drinking and after naps. 

Just remember that practice makes perfect! Luckily with the Bark Potty, your dog will have the natural instinct to relieve himself. The Bark Potty has ingredients that are all natural, giving your dog the smells that make them “go”.

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